• Manzanita Residence

    This vacation cottage design takes advantage of the site by lifting the great room up into the view by putting it on the top floor. The out of state owners wanted a relaxing, cheerful, and efficient get away on the Oregon coast.

  • The Wilcox Residence

    This small fishing cottage was designed to blend into its natural setting. A piling foundation was used to carefully fit it between and around three large trees. The timber frame structure is from salvaged fir beams and cedar poles.

  • Historic modern residence restored

    TERRAFORMA recently completed the restoration of a classic 50s mid-century modern designed by Portland architect Frank shell. Great care was taken to bring the home to current standards while maintaining the architects original intent.

  • The Raft

  • Nautilus House

  • Cascara Townhomes

  • McGuire Residence

  • Covert Residence

  • Hubbard Residence

  • Residential Projects

    Terraforma has been helping people achieve their dreams for nearly 20 years. We have a passion for what we do and approach each project with fresh eyes, looking for the opportunities to co-create a unique expression of our client’s individuality. As their representative in the complex construction industry, we strive to make the process exciting, efficient and fun all the way through. Our rich experience and expertise, keeps the project on budget, on schedule, and built to age gracefully. As leaders in sustainability, we follow passive energy concepts that control natural light and ventilation as well as material conservation and reclamation principals.