Nautilus House

The Nautilus House is based on the sacred geometry of the golden section. The radial segments of a nautilus shell spiral outward in a reverberating manner from its center, and maintain the shell’s organic unity through its additive growth. Using the mathematical ratio of the Golden Section, a series of rectangles can be generated to form a unified organization wherein each rectangle is proportionately related to the others as well as to the overall structure.

Debra Rihala

“Andrew and Dana took our hodgepodge of ideas and turned them into a stunning beach house. We relied heavily on his knowledge and expertise as we had no prior experience in either designing or building houses. We wanted to capture the ocean view and the light and he gave us all that and much more. He listened to all our ideas and faithfully tried to implement them in the plan. He was always professional, prompt in answering emails and phone calls, kept to his timeline and stayed within our budget. His enthusiasm for our project never waned and working with him was an enjoyable and enlightening adventure. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”